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Home of Weird Camera Works

Home of Weird Camera WorksHome of Weird Camera WorksHome of Weird Camera Works

A blog about old cameras, new cameras and everything photography.


My Background

Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Lino and I am an avid adventurer, explorer and photographer. I have spent the last few years travelling and shooting photos. This website is my portfolio for my work as well as a place where I can be contacted for future projects.

Photography as Communication

Photography is a median with which we can all instantly connect. Whether portrait photography or landscape photography, humans have an innate connection to visual images. As my chosen art form, I use photography to capture the most important moments in the highest quality available.

Sharing Stories

Through my prints and photography books, I invite you to bring my adventures and travels into your home. Please contact my if any of my prints peak your interest. Any prints or photo books can be made to order.